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What’s the best way to get four entertainers out of bed and interested in an idea you have?

Simple, you offer to buy them a free lunch the Friars club in New York City where I am honored to be a member.

Three years ago I was watching American Idol when Simon Cowell, the man who never liked a shirt with a collar told one contestant that he might be able to get a job as an entertainer on a cruise ship. That statement was not meant as a compliment.

It was then that I thought well why don’t we have a competition for entertainers on cruise ships and then we could show people who have never sailed on a ship the quality of the entertainment that you can see on the major cruise lines.

Well, that idea really did not work out because in truth most entertainers on ships did not want to compete because they already had a career and a good career.

So that idea was shelved and since despite three marriages, I am known to be  flexible,  the show was rewritten to be a one camera comedy about five ship acts. Ship acts are what cruise ship entertainers are sometimes called.  Now I  had an idea for a comedy about cruising but I really needed characters.

One of the toughest parts of writing television comedy is creating great characters. In this case it wasn’t necessary. I knew these characters. You can read all about them on this site. They are characters.

So, I invited these characters to lunch and Best At Sea was born. Well, lunch was very good and that turned out to be the easy part.  Any lunch held in the Milton Berle room at the Friars is very special since Uncle Miltie was one of the driving forces of the birth of television.

Hopefully, some of that Berle magic will still be with us when we shoot the pilot for Best At Sea in Orlando in late June. Wish us luck!

Tom Drake

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