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An Idea and a Free Lunch

Veteran stand-up comedian Tom Drake had come up with a great idea for a new television show to be filmed at sea, but knew he would need some help to pull it off. So, Tom invited some other entertainers to lunch at the world famous Friars club in New York City to try and convince those entertainers to help. It is a well known fact that the easiest way to get entertainers to show up for anything is to offer them a free lunch.

Lunch was served, the pitch was made and a show was born.


Special thanks go to the Friars Club for making us feel very welcome.


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It All Starts with an Idea!!

We really appreciate your taking the time to learn about Best At Sea. We happen to think that a very funny comedy show filmed onboard cruise ships featuring amazing performances by incredible entertainers is a great idea but right now it is still only an idea.

DISCLAIMER: This show is not yet sponsored or scheduled for broadcast. Any images that you see on this site are being used solely to help explain the concept. Our show show has not yet been endorsed by any cruise line, network or entertainer.

Thanks again for the visit and please tell your friends!!
The Cast of Best at Sea